Antelope Canyon February 12-14, 2016

So we decided to head to Arizona to see the Antelope Canyon. We left after work on Friday February 12 and headed to Arizona. Though we knew tiredness will struck as we decided to stop at a rest stop and spend the night there. Knowing it was February the freezing cold slipped through in our … [Read more…]

Philippines September 4-9, 2016

Philippines known as the pearl of the orient with pristine beaches, beautiful mountains and other natural resources. These were the times I tried to “de-stress” from all the chaotic situations back from Manila. I had been very fortunate to have found time to enjoy my family and enjoy Philippines as people would say “It’s more … [Read more…]

Cancer diaries

Woke up late today… The private duty nurse (PDN) waited outside for an hour. I didn’t woke up from her knock on the door. Today was supposed to be the day I decide whether I should go back home… to my husband. But then again, I thought of mom… She’ll be left alone by September … [Read more…]

Cancer Diaries

It’s been more than a month since my mom was diagnosed with the big “C”. I Never thought I would ever have to deal with it. Every time I see people with cancer I always thought, “I’m glad no one in my family has it” but now I have to face my fears. When I … [Read more…]


March 26, 2016 We had the opportunity to visit the Filoli house last weekend. We were lucky because it was the best time of the year since its spring and just when all the tulips are in full bloom. They have a beautiful huge garden almost as if you were at a “secret garden” where … [Read more…]